Why Exercising Slows Down Aging

There’s a saying that goes, “Being 40 at 20.” Indeed, it’s often observed that people age differently. A study in New Zealand provided both impressive and alarming statistics on this subject. Over 1000 individuals from the city of Dunedin were regularly examined from their birth in 1972/1973 until the age of 38. The biological age […]

Why Vitamin E is Important

Vitamin E is not a single chemical substance but rather a collective term for various compounds from the groups of tocopherols, tocotrienols, tocomonoenols, and other substances related to α-tocopherol, the most well-known and extensively studied form of Vitamin E. They all exhibit similar properties in the human body. Vitamin E was discovered at the beginning […]

Why you should use real collagen

Why you should use real collagen A vegetarian or vegan lifestyle is in fashion. Most people prefer this diet for ethical and/or health reasons, but if you want to benefit from the added health value of collagen, you can’t avoid animal products, because there is no such thing as plant collagen. Collagen only in humans […]

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